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Welcome to
Madhavi Sharma's AstroAcademy.

Learning Vedic astrology in a simple way.

About Mrs Madhavi Sharma.

Mrs Madhavi Sharma - B.Com, MBA Finance, MBA International Business, M.Phil Entrepreneurship, MA Astrology - has more than ten years of experience in different aspects of studies and more than seven years of experience in online astrology consultations, teaching and mentoring. She loves her work and is enthusiastic about her subjects and students, inspiring curiosity and interest in her learners and making them eager to explore new topics and ideas. A solid grasp of the subject matter can explain it clearly and effectively. She also keeps up with the latest field developments and trends and incorporates them into her teaching.

She knows how to communicate with different types of learners and adapt her teaching style accordingly. She uses various methods and tools to convey information and engage her students. She also listens to her students' feedback and questions and responds appropriately. She cares about her students as individuals and respects their diverse backgrounds, needs, and preferences.

She creates a supportive learning environment where students feel valued and comfortable, try new things and experiment with different approaches and strategies. She is flexible and open-minded and encourages her students to be creative and express themselves differently.

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Academy's first Batch, 2023-2024, was completed successfully. 

A first batch of limited students from different lifestyles completed 1B - 6 M-A Vedic astrology course in the parasara system. They taught around 22 subjects in around 50 sessions. This is a live Zoom online class conducted every Saturday and Sunday for about 1 hour, including a question and answer session after every class. This certificate course includes some assignments after a few sessions, depending on the complications of the subjects taught at that time. Writing assignments is not compulsory, and sufficient time will be given to submit them. 

Join the second batch of 2024 starting from March 2024.

Students who missed the 1st batch and those curious to learn Vedic astrology can note this date to join the 2nd batch starting on 2nd March 2024.  Click the Enroll Now button or Download the MS Astrology Android app on Google Play.

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By the end of this course, you will learn.

  • How to draw a South Indian chart.

  • 9 Planets and their significations:

  • 12 Signs and their significations: 

  • 12 Houses and their significations: 

  • 27 Nakshatras and their significations: 

  • Planetary & Sign aspects: 

  • Planet strengths, enemies, friendships

  • Divisional charts: 

  • Dashas and Transits: 

  • Etc.: 

Check the below document for the curriculum that will be followed during the course.

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