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Vedic astrology 1st Batch 6 Months 1B-6M-A

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This is the 1st batch of a six-month Vedic astrology course in the parasara system; default language is Telugu. Covers around 22 subjects in total - (Basic to advanced). All online classes conducted on the weekends, Saturdays and Sundays. Each class lasts a maximum of one hour, including a question-and-answer session. The time of each class is around 6 pm to 7 pm on both days. A personal horoscope PDF copy will be given to each student for reference to analyse their horoscope. A free horoscope-generating software (Windows- based) commonly used to discuss the lectures during the classes will be provided before the start of the batch (students need to download and install the same on their laptops). An offline recorded class will be available on your classroom board for those who missed the live session. A subject-wise internal assessment will be conducted (depending on the subject's criticality) if required. A standard internal assessment will be conducted on all the subjects at the end of the 6months session. It is not mandatory to attend any of the assessments. However, the internal review can give you an evaluation of your knowledge of the subject. A completed course certification will be given under the msastroacademy logo by Mrs Madhavi Sharma. The next six-month session will commence immediately or after some gap after completing the first six-month course, and you will be informed as and when required.

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MSAcademy 1B-6M-A 1st Batch.

MSAcademy 1B-6M-A 1st Batch.

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